Project ShaKE - With the main aim to inform public about what is - CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) and how this technology works.

Masaryk University (specifically the Department of Geological Sciences and Department of International Relations and European Studies) with the support of Norway Grants have initiated a project called ShaKE - CCS (Sharing Knowledge and Experience). The main goal of this project is to introduce the technology of capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CCS) to laymen and the professional public. Introduction of this technology will be in relation to the factors contributing towards climate change and their possible solutions and also presents experience from countries that are already using this technology. Although Czech legislation doesn't allow the use of this technology in our country yet, we consider it very important to introduce the public to why it is responsible to be interested in this technology, as well as presenting its pros and cons.

The Czech public perceives any intervention into nature very sensibly. However during debate (not just concerning climate changes), they don't dispose of sufficient objective information, therefore we would like to provide them with such information in an understandable way. Within the framework of this project were prepared lectures for elementary schools, high schools, for students of Masaryk University (including University of the Third Age), the general public and constitutional functionary. Also there will be prepared courses for representative authorities in different areas who might consider utilization of this technology in the future. Last but not least, during the project there will be organized interactive exhibitions for various age brackets.

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